Estate Planning and Probate

At Gardiner and Associates, your personal Knoxville Estate Planning Attorney can provide clients with counsel so that they know all the details involved with the passing of property at death and having a plan in place in the event a loved one or person becomes incapacitated. The types of estate planning documents included in this process typically include:
Designation of Healthcare Surrogate This is the appointment of a person to make medical decisions for you if you become incapacitated. If you don’t appoint someone as your healthcare surrogate prior to becoming incapacitated you may end up with someone making healthcare decisions for you that you don’t want.
Durable Power of Attorney This document authorizes a trusted family member or friend to manage your financial affairs should the need arise. A durable power of attorney can prevent cumbersome guardianship or court proceedings in the future.
Guardianships A guardian is a court appointed decision-maker who manages either the personal and/or financial decisions of minors or adults with disabilities. Guardianships come up in a number of different situations and are required to be as minimally restrictive as possible. The counsel of an experience Knoxville Probate Attorney will help ensure you understand what a guardianship is and what you can expect.
Last Will and Testament A will gives you the opportunity to spell out exactly how you want your assets to be distributed when you pass away. If you don’t have a will your assets will pass according to a state’s intestate laws. If you are unsure about how your assets will be distributed in the event you pass away it might be a good time to speak with a Knoxville probate attorney.
Living Will This document spells out a person’s wishes on how they would like life support and medical care handled if they become incapacitated and are unlikely to recover. These documents ensure the wishes of the executor are carried out and help prevent any conflicts over what the incapacitated person would have wanted.

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