Family Law

To protect your best interests in a marriage, divorce, or child custody hearing, an experienced family lawyer from Gardiner & Associates can support you. While marriages are happy occasions, it is always smart to protect against the unexpected. When a divorce seems inevitable, it is crucial to protect your assets, property, and parental rights. With over 15 years of experience in Family law, our Knoxville Family Law Firm can offer exceptional support as experienced legal advocates.

When dealing with Knoxville Family Law matters, tensions are often high, and emotions can keep you from clearly dealing with the matters at hand. As a third party to the proceedings, your Family Law Attorney should help support your needs, maintain perspective in the matter, and ensure that your best interests are kept in mind in through all proceedings. The experience Knoxville Family Law Attorneys as Gardiner & Associates work to protect the assets and property that are rightfully yours. We will also limit your share of liabilities such as consumer debt, mortgages, and personal loans. When children are involved, your personal Knoxville Family Law Attorney can advocate for your parental rights and negotiate custody, visitation, and support payments.

Protect your rights and interests. Call Gardiner and Associates, your personal Knoxville Family Lawyers for a free initial consultation or contact us through the website. We have helped many families and have worked hard to minimize conflict and expedite a resolution. We at Gardiner & Associates wish to help and support you.